Boutique Pilates Intro Course

Join Sam for an intensive yet in-depth introduction to the Pilates technique.

Due to Sam’s extensive experience, this class is suitable for all levels of fitness and modifications will be incorporated for those with back issues, injuries and medical conditions. We strongly advise you get in contact with Sam to discuss your current health if you have any conditions affecting your health currently to be sure of your suitability for the class.

The classes introduce a new fundamental each week as well as building on the repertoire of exercises each week to ensure Pilates is performed safely and effectively. You very quickly begin to experience the lifestyle effects of the Pilates Method in your posture, your daily movements, through your work and leisure activities. It applies to everything in life and helps you to optimise your body’s movement patterns and maintain mobility as you journey through the ageing process.

Space is strictly limited to ensure each participant is supported individually throughout the four week period and as such you are only booked in once you have booked and paid for your place.

You will receive:

– 4 hours of intensive tuition via Zoom. Cameras will be positioned to ensure participants can be seen by Sam
– Individual postural analysis – held via Zoom
– Weekly homework (15-20 mins x 3 days)
– FREE 3 months access to the online library of Pilates videos to continue your practice

(1) All classes are payable in advance to secure your place.
(2) Classes may only be booked as a block, not as individual sessions. Any classes missed in a block cannot be refunded separately.
(3) If you miss a class, please contact me directly to arrange a ‘make-up’ class. This is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. All make up classes must be within the same block and cannot be rolled over.
(5) Bookings are not transferable. If you are booking on behalf of someone else, please let me know their name and email address.
(4) If you are a coming to a block of classes for the first time, you will need to complete an Enrolment Form, which should be emailed back to me before your first class – or handed in to me when you arrive for your first class. The information on this form enables me to be aware of any injuries or other limitations so that I can ensure that you are working safely in the class.