EXHALE Breathing Classes

This class runs straight after the Pilates Fascia Focus - Total Body Reset class giving you the option to attend both 30-minute sessions or either of them.

The 30-min weekly class introduces you to some of the basic science and teaches you to use the simple tricks and techniques used by the elite military and sports professionals to boost focus, control stress, improve sleep quality and more. Mastering your breathing is a scientifically proven super tool that humans have been using for thousands of years. We'll show you how to use it to transform your wellness and your life.

The class includes various timed and slow, low and controlled breathing methods with the scientifically proven use of music to aid breath rhythm and the relaxed state. Finish the class feeling more alert and grounded, with a deeply calm body and a focused state of mind!

You will need to bring your own exercise mat and a cushion and/or block for comfortable sitting and laying, a blanket is optional too. We will optionally move between breathing tracks, changing positions for comfort and variety, you are welcome to just sit up well supported or lay down if you prefer. The group will be muted during the breathwork.

This class was formed in collaboration with Dr Julia Jones and it demonstrates some of the science and simple hacks featured in Week 3 of the course: The Smart Wellness Challenge

Zoom Classes:

Pay as you attend, or use pre-paid Bronze, Silver or Gold Plans

Smart Wellness Challange Participants

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