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EXHALE Breathing Classes

Experience Total Relaxation with 'EXHALE': A Breathing Session for Mind & Body.

Join Sam, a certified Exhale Breathing Coach, for a calming and rejuvenating 15-20 minute breath practice, integrated into the Fascial Fitness - Body & Mind Reset class available in the Motivation & Wellness Habits Club and monthly on the class timetable through Zoom. Sam's Restorative Pilates classes include elements of breath work throughout the class and sometimes end with two to five minutes of deep relaxing breath work.

Learn the tricks and techniques elite military and sports professionals use to improve focus, control stress, and enhance sleep quality. Mastering your breath is a powerful tool with centuries of proven results.

The session features various slow, controlled breathing methods with the added benefit of music to aid breath rhythm and relaxation. Finish the class feeling more alert and grounded, with a calm body and focused mind.

You will need an exercise mat and a cushion or block for comfortable sitting and laying; a blanket is optional, too. Sam will suggest that you lay down or sit up supported on a chair or cushion, changing positions for comfort and variety if needed.

Sam will mute the Zoom group during the class.

'EXHALE' was developed in collaboration with Dr Julia Jones and showcased some of the science and simple hacks included in her courses, including The Smart Wellness Challenge and books Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy and F-Bomb Longevity Made Easy.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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