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Safety Considerations

  • For all exercise classes please complete the online PARQ+ Health Questionnaire. The button below will take you to the online form which will be immediately emailed to me when you submit it, please make sure you see the submission confirmation. The form opens in its own App and can be saved to your home screen or your mobile or browser for your convenience, or you can click the X and complete the form without savin g the app.

  • For face-to-face sessions please arrive a few minutes early to discuss your health, some conditions, illnesses, and injuries may require that you visit your GP, Physiotherapist, or another health professional prior to starting or returning to exercise.

  • Please inform me of any recent illnesses, medical conditions, bone, or joint problems, or if you are pregnant prior to the class starting each week.

  • Please arrive on time for the class so that you can complete a suitable warm-up for your own safety.

  • To avoid disruption, where possible please switch off or turn all mobile phones to silent before the start of the class.

What to Wear and Bring

Walk-Fit & Tone

Lift Lean Stretch & Release

Fitness classes & Outdoor Fitness

  • Comfortable exercise clothing should be worn, such as tracksuit bottoms, leggings, shorts and a T-shirt.

  • Ladies don't forget the importance of a sports bra!

  • Please wear suitable exercise shoes, or trainers, for Lift Lean you can choose to go without shoes as exercising barefoot can be beneficial.

  • Bring a bottle of water and a towel to lie on or to dab your beautiful glow!

  • If you wish to use hand weights, please choose between 0.5-4kg depending on your current strength and experience, you could start with two filled small water bottles if you don't have any weights yet. A resistance band tied around the thighs, or a thigh loop band is another optional addition to increase resistance.

  • For your own hygiene and comfort please bring your own non-slip exercise mat.

Pilates For All

Fascia Fitness - Body & Mind Reset

Trigger Point Pilates

Dynamic Pilates

  • Comfortable clothing should be worn, such as tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a T-shirt. It is not essential, but easier for me to check your posture and exercise alignment when your clothing is more fitted.

  • You need to remove your shoes and in Pilates, it is best to wear socks for comfort, warmth and to enable you to slide your foot along the mat in certain exercises, if you prefer to exercise with bare feet this is fine and favoured by many, particularly for more advanced Pilates exercises.

  • For your own hygiene and comfort please bring your own soft, non-slip Pilates mat. Please bring a small towel to lie on or to roll up and use as a neck support for your own comfort. Additional equipment is useful and can add variety and increased challenges such as a Pilates over-ball (soft ball) and long resistance band.

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