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Pilates, Body Conditioning, Trigger Point Pilates, Fascial Fitness, Dance, Barre & Smart Wellness Courses
in the Lake District

Mixed level classes are available online and in the South Lakes, Cumbria community.


Get in Touch

For any questions please contact Sam on Call 07886457563


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Latest Updates

I'm sorry there are no more hall classes until 5.30 pm on January 3rd in Leasgill.


You are invited to join my Zoom Festive Restorative Pilates with soothing music and calming lights.

Monday 27th 5.30 pm and Tuesday 28th Dec at 9.00 am.
Please book if you would like to attend, available from the comfort of your own home! Please add your own lighting effects, candles etc if you wish and have a cushion and a blanket, or extra layers ready for the relaxation and breathwork!

You can book here

Mobile App

Class bookings can be made through the website or conveniently on your mobile or tablet from the website or using the App.

An advantage of using the FIT App over desktop is that if a class is full you can add yourself to a waiting list on the mobile App, currently this is not available on the desktop website. Follow the link for the App for Android or iOS below. Wix has recently changed from the Spaces App to FIT App, both still work. The FIT App can sync with the Apple Health App and is built specifically for fitness businesses like mine so please swap to it when you are ready, it should take only seconds to download and login and then you can delete the Spaces App.

 Fitness Dynamics Free FIT App

Health Questionnaire

Please complete the online PARQ+ before attending your first class and also anytime if you have new changes to your health, or if it has been a year since you last completed a form.

Safety Information page

Online Classes

I go live into Zoom from my 'kitchen studio' and also during the community hall classes, but the camera is directed only at me on my mat, so your privacy is respected!


The online classes have been fabulous, so convenient for everyone, not just locally but across the country and are even accessed by people when on holiday or living abroad. By popular request, the online classes are here to stay for the future.


If you are new to online exercise and have any questions or need some help getting set up, please do not hesitate to ask.


I hope to see you in an online and/or community class very soon! Sam x


Subscription Video Library only £15 pm

Access these full class videos at any time that suits you. The library includes over 50 of the main timetable classes including Pilates, Dynamic Pilates, Trigger Point Pilates, Body Toning, Pilates Focus Classes, Fascial Fitness, Dance, Barre and Aerobic Classes (Included FREE with Gold & NHS Memberships!)



Fit regular exercise into your busy schedule, improve your stress levels, posture, back strength and general feelings of wellbeing! More info here...