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Venue Addresses, Directions and Parking

Athenaeum Village Hall, Leasgill/Heversham

Leasgill LA7 7ET


The Athenaeum (Ath-en-a-e-um) is a lovely hall, spacious and light with lovely facilities. 


When entering the Leasgill / Heversham road from near Levens Hall on the A6, the Athenaeum is on the right just opposite the primary school road and signs.


If you come from Milnthorpe, turn left into Heversham and wind your way through to Leasgill, when you see a school triangle warning sign the entrance to the car park will be on your left. 


There is ample parking in the car park.

Arnside Educational Institute (EI)

Church Hill LA5 0DF


This popular venue can be found from the promenade, continue up the hill past the Albion Pub and take the first left onto Church Hill, the EI is on the right. 


There is ample parking within the EI car park on the left just past the EI.

Yealand Village Hall

Footeran Lane, Yealand Redmayne, Lancs LA5 9TD


Yealand's Village Hall is well-maintained, clean and modern, with excellent facilities. 

The hall is on the right of the main road when driving from Yealand Conyers to Yealand Redmayne and is to the left of the Primary School. 

Parking is available in the hall car park.

Silverdale Gaskell Memorial Hall

Emesgate Lane, Silverdale, Carnforth, Lancs LA5 0RA


This is a lovely big hall with a beautiful high ceiling.


The hall is opposite the Co-Op shop in the centre of the village.  


Parking is available in the hall car park and in some areas on the road.

M:HUB old Methodist Church, Milnthorpe
Beetham Road LA7 7LQ

The old Methodist Church is now a thriving community centre. 

From the traffic lights crossroads in Milnthorpe, head South towards Beetham; almost immediately on your left is the M:HUB, just before the Spa Petrol Station. 

There is parking for free in the square, with a parking disk available in local shops and businesses. There are many local car parks in Milnthorpe - opposite the M:HUB behind the old Police station, Behind No 17 restaurant, and then walk through the Cross Keys Hotel car park and Booths' car park accessed from Park Rd. 

All the public car parks are free after 6.00 pm.

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