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You'll find some wonderful comments and testimonials from class and coaching participants below and on the homepage. If you would like to read more reviews, you can find me on Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, HotFrog, and you can find me on Yelp.

"Hi Sam. Your pilates has certainly helped our XC skating skiing today. Much better balance and core strength. Only 1 faceplant (each) in 20km! Thank you."
Susan & Richard

"I started in November last year (2016), I was fast approaching 60 and had had 3 bad years of ill health. I felt I needed to improve my fitness. I skived PE at school, avoided gyms and have never been to a fitness class!! What I didn't know and what I've missed all these years is how good exercise makes you feel. I was a bit anxious starting but you are given lots of options and encouragement so you can start at whatever level you want and build up from there. I love it and try never to miss a session. It's at a great time, so I have the rest of the day feeling great (however, I was feeling when I started).


Trigger point Pilates has been a revelation! It should be prescribed on the NHS! Sam is an incredible teacher, lots of encouragement and laughs. It's a brilliant massage but a great workout too."

Jill Barnes

"Sam is an excellent teacher, very dedicated. She gives extra, one to one help where needed. Always happy to chat and give advice. We have fun in her class. I always feel invigorated after class - feel good factor! As we get older we need to exercise more and I find Pilates good for being more toned, keeping fit and a good way to stay supple. Don't give up teaching us Sam!"

Jill Grindey 

"I have just completed a short series of one-one Pilates sessions, in my own home, with Sam Horton. I chose one-to-one sessions initially to give me the confidence to achieve the correct breathing and posture patterns prior to joining a class session and, to concentrate on specific back and hip problems.

The weekly sessions were great fun and Sam was enthusiastic, punctual, helpful and supportive. The programme also used a range of different exercises and techniques. I am already feeling the difference in reduction of back pain and increased flexibility and I hope to build on this start by continuing to use Pilates techniques in everyday life.
I thoroughly recommend Sam as a trainer and look forward to working with her again in the future."
Lisbeth age 54

"Zumba - Lively fast and exhilarating with a good mix of new routines to learn and familiar favourites that can be done confidently and energetically.

Pilates - The exercises really make a difference, well explained and demonstrated so they can be done effectively and can be repeated at home."

"In my forties, I started to practice yoga in order to keep muscles in tone for all the sports I played - but I found it rather slow and eventually, although I benefited from adopting better breathing techniques, I became somewhat bored with the repetitive postures. I find Pilates to be more dynamic, imaginative - and entertaining (!) Now in my late sixties I am still able to enjoy an active lifestyle and if, for example, I haven't been out on my bike for a few weeks, I don't suffer any muscle fatigue due to all the weekly leg exercises we do. Sam has a delightfully positive approach to life and I'm sure, like me, everyone feels better after her classes - and more supple - and taller!"

"... I would just like to thank you for your skill and knowledge and determination to bring Pilates to so many. It has been one of the most important activities I have done since retirement. My strength, posture awareness and facial fitness have made the past years as physically comfortable as possible. I hope to see you early summertime."

Karen Leslie

"I have been to Sam's Pilates classes for about 8 years. Perhaps the most important thing is that I really enjoy Sam's classes; because they're fun I go regularly and I work hard.

I suffer from a weak back and the exercise definitely helps with strength and flexibility and reminds me to work on correct posture.

Sam is sympathetic and encourages me to improve. I always feel supported no matter how poor my attempts! 

If I do have a particular problem she will make sure the exercises are appropriate and may show me specific exercises to help.

Thank you, Sam, you are wonderful!

PS. I hadn't previously done any exercise classes for about 20 years and I had a prolapsed disc at 39."

"I have attended Sam's Pilates Classes in Arnside since November 2014. I am a retired physiotherapist and have been very impressed by Sam's ability to observe movement and grade the exercises to accommodate all level of abilities. She is a very inspirational teacher and has a lovely way of interacting with her students, gently correcting their techniques. She is clever in her ways of explaining how to do an exercise correctly. I have significant back and knee problems and have benefited from the Pilates. My posture, flexibility and core strength have all improved. I would highly recommend Sam's Pilates class to people of all abilities."

Karen Leslie

"As complete novices we have been extremely fortunate to have found a great Pilates class. The classes are well structured and fun with different techniques each week to keep it interesting - the hour goes so quickly and Sam is very generous with her time. She is always happy and a true professional, ensuring we are doing the exercises correctly but never making you feel stupid. 

It is very clear that Sam enjoys her work and is passionate about teaching the health benefits of Pilates, with gently reminders for us to practise the techniques at home, if possible. We always feel positive following each class and even after a short period we are beginning to feel the physical benefits.

Our only negative is that we wished we had joined earlier.

A big thank you Sam."

Pam and Malcolm Best (Arnside Class)

"Hi Sam, Just thought you would like some feedback on your classes. So here goes.

At last some sunshine - which has prompted me to haul out last years summer clothes. Imagine my delight to find that waistbands that pinched and dresses that puckered now fit me perfectly.

So thank you Sam - Fitness Dynamics really works. All those dark evenings in Jan, Feb and Mar have paid dividends. Pilates, Zumba and a bit of Interval Training have not only been fun but effective. At this rate, I might be in a bikini by the summer!!!!

Thanks for all the hard work you put in."

Denise Green

"Sam thank you so much for this week !!!!!!!!!!!! Loved getting back to your classes !!!! Not sure about the "Running" it nearly killed me !!! Ha ha but loved tonight, nice not to have to rush at the end. Love the hip stretch seems to of helped my old age hip !!!"
Anne Hutchinson

"There's something strangely inspiring about watching your Mum run across a field pulling a tyre behind her at Sam's HIIT training!"
Amanda Green

"As a full-time photographer, (Mum, housewife and jack of all trades), I found that my life had become everyone else's and I had no time for me. My job has become much more sedentary since digital cameras came about, as I spend hours in front of a computer editing images. As a result, I put on 1 1/2 stone over a couple of years and was shocked to find that I wasn't the toned active person I had always been before. I decided that enough was enough and joined Sam's Zumba classes in May. I go twice a week and absolutely love it. The dancing is very uplifting both physically and mentally and I like the social aspect of it also. I have also made small changes to my diet as I do love food!!! I have virtually cut out bread and do not eat red meat. I have also halved my portion sizes. I do not really deny myself any food but only rarely eat sugary treats now. I am so pleased that since the beginning of May I have lost 10lbs and although it is a fairly slow weight loss, I feel it is sustainable and I can continue this way just with small changes to my lifestyle and eating habits. I also look more toned and fitter and healthier. I will definitely keep up the Zumba and Sam offers both daytime and evening classes so that everyone can choose a time that fits into their life. I also like the fact that she keeps her classes going during the summer holidays. I would recommend Sam's classes to everyone."
Rachel Breakell

"So after a lunchtime weigh-in the final results of my 90-day challenge are: 9% of body weight lost - but I have maintained almost the same muscle so in percentage terms that's gone up a lot! My metabolic age has dropped by 10 years, my water % has increased (amazing as I ran 50km on Sunday so a bit depleted on that front) ... who says exercise and eating right doesn't pay back fast. Wonder what my stats will be in another 90 days?"
Laura Ruxton (50K run athlete)

"Today's a good day. Huge wardrobe clear out, practically everything going to charity to make clothes space for the new me....

Would like to thank Sam Horton @ fitness dynamics and everyone I've been training with over the last 10 weeks. I can honestly say I've completely changed my attitude to training and keeping myself in shape. I've obviously still got a lot to do, but speaking with Sam and how good it's made me feel, I don't want to set goals that can't be achieved or broken - I'm doing it for a complete lifestyle change and something that will be sustainable and enjoyable for me and the kids.

Since starting HIIT training, I've lost over a stone and a half (I wasn't huge anyway....) and have so much more energy and enthusiasm. The stresses of the day really can be put into perspective and forgotten about, and through either training with the class or doing other activities I've taken up like off road mountain biking and running, my lifestyle and well-being is just getting better each week.

I don't know the majority of my results but when a specialist machine tells me I'm a 23-year-old athlete, it will do for me!

Thanks again Sam and everyone who's trained with me and made me feel welcome. Now if you can just contribute to my new wardrobe, I will be forever grateful..."
Steve Munro (Herbalife Level 10 Body Challenge)

"Yey for the 1st time in weeks I'm back to under 9 stone !!!!! Glad I'm back to Sam's classes feel fab x"
Anne Hutchinson

"I was a bit anxious, to begin with as I hadn't done any exercise in quite some time and the words Boot Camp put the fear into me! After the initial assessment, the realisation that I had let myself become overweight was the kick up the bum that I needed. After the first week, I am happy to say that I have so far lost 4.5 lbs, reduced my body fat by 4% and am finding that not only am I enjoying the classes but am also feeling like I have had a decent workout.

My goal is to lose 2 dress sizes in time for a family wedding and hopefully by following a well balanced healthy diet and carrying on with the Boot Camp classes I will at least achieve the results I am aiming for and the boost I need to carry on looking after myself."
Laura Knipe

"I was delighted with my results this morning & can only thank you for the motivation and inspiration you have offered. My main aim was to feel fitter and for my clothes to fit better which I feel I have achieved. Roll on January for the next HIIT !!"

Thanks also for the weekly recipes. (Boot Camp)

"I've made new friends and had fun. I find Pilates is a great way to keep in condition now that I'm in my ''twilight years''. At Fitness Dynamics, each different exercise sequence is explained and you are encouraged to only work within your own comfort zone. Pilates exercises can be attempted by all age groups and fitness levels and is a good way to meet people with similar goals."

"Aerobics: Lively and fun. A positive start to the day with the element of repetition from week to week, routines become familiar and confidence grows.

Pilates: A well-balanced range of exercises. Sensitivity to the needs of individuals and that all exercises can be achieved at whatever level is appropriate. Time is taken to explain the benefits of exercise."

''I joined Sam's 'boot camp' after attending one of her interval training sessions where I was impressed with the workout and Sam's enthusiasm.

In 4 weeks of boot camp, I have lost 11lbs, gained back some of my confidence and it has been great for getting me motivated to keep up exercising regularly. The nutritional advice has been really helpful also.

I would recommend the boot camp 100%; it's great value, a range of classes and times offered and Sam is so friendly.''

"I love Sam's classes. She is always so positive and upbeat, great at explaining the exercises and always offers an easier version if you need them.

Pilates is my favourite. I feel really energised after every class and it has massively improved my posture and cured my bad back.

Try it, you'll be hooked."

"I have really enjoyed the Pilates and Salsa Fitness over the last few years and I want to thank you very much for all your encouragement and enthusiasm. You are an inspirational teacher."

"I enjoyed the class and my body knows I've been! Obviously, I need to come!"


"I love your classes!"

Charlotte Fairbairn

"Thanks for Monday, yeah we both really enjoyed it. Loved the music."

"Sam is nothing short of wonderful!"
Gillian R.

"I enjoy your classes and they keep me well and strong enough to keep on caring. I can thoroughly recommend your class as an antidote to carer stress!"
Janis Kelly

"I regularly attend Sam's Pilates classes. I enjoy sharing time with other like-minded people and to very gradually improve my general fitness including breathing and balance.

We are all encouraged to go at our own pace and enjoy the practice and I always leave the class feeling more alive and alert.

After a recent check-up, my Doctor concluded - "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it."

Pilates with Sam spells fitness and fun."
Alan Goulder (Pensioner)

Alan attended my Pilates classes from 2005 to 2016. To maintain strength and to be sociable, where possible Alan attended a different class every week day, including Yoga, Tai Chi and ballroom dancing, he was an absolute inspiration into his early 90's! 

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