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Trigger Point Pilates




Trigger Point Pilates™ is a well-established fantastic programme created by Lydia Campbell, originally for her own rehab. Having had 8 knee operations, chronically tight from scar tissue she had to learn to walk again, she couldn't drive to have physiotherapy, she had to do it alone time and time again with almost non-weight bearing exercises or movement for 5 months at a time and lead a functional life, still presenting, teaching and educating. Combining her knowledge of functional Pilates, Sports remedial therapy with 7 years of Myofascial Clinical training. She created a unique program that works! Developed over 10 years of teaching and getting great results from clinic clients and TTP classes.







Why come to a Trigger Point Pilates™ Class?

Many of us now undertake high-intensity exercise on a regular basis. We run, we do CrossFit, we lift weights. This can create muscular imbalances, stress on the body and often injuries and/or chronic pain. We live our lives in front of a screen, standing or sitting still for prolonged periods. All of this leaves us sore, injured or with restrictions in our movement.

During the session, you will discover how to undo muscular restrictions, enhance Functional Movement and learn exercises that help treat Myofascial pain.


Trigger Point Pilates™ has evolved. It is a combination of Pilates-based exercises combined with Myofascial Release which is traditionally a hands-on therapy. Learn a mat work class/system, discover how to apply the principals of Self-Myofascial Release (SMR). Releasing myofascial trigger points that can often interfere with proper core initiation and provide improved proprioceptive (muscle memory and spatial) awareness. The method uses your own body weight, movement, the breath and equipment to create the soft tissue release.


The training method helps alleviate chronic pain conditions and constant muscular tightness, undoing muscular restrictions and enhances functional movement. At the end of a class, one feels light, lengthened and able to move with total ease.

In fact, it's a great warm-up and cooldown class for high-intensity training. The athletic pro to the dancer loves it. You might feel as though you've just had a session with your own therapist!


Lydia Says "My classes are packed and I attract medical professionals. Doctors, Surgeons, and Physios have attended my classes for years to get fixed enabling them to function pain-free in their stressful working week. They completely understand what is happening to their bodies and love the release on their backs, necks, shoulders, pelvis, hamstrings, and feet. Many people exercise at home once they have learned the basic repertoire of exercises, using the Trigger Point Pilates™ equipment. Many of my clients who travel on long-haul flights and suffer from regular back problems are given my programme to release necks, backs, and hamstrings on their trip, they love the release." 


Does any of this ring true?

  • Pilates, Yoga and core training are great but how do you release a body from the inside out?

  • How can you as a student move with ease through an exercise series when you are in pain or chronically tight in the lower back, upper back and or neck?

  • How can you move when you feel constant muscle tension and back pain due to your lifestyle?

  • Nagging pain stops you from moving and instead, you feel like you tense up!

  • How can you release when you have a constant deep buttock pain or pain deep inside between the shoulder blades from a weights session, high intensity or spinning class, run or bike ride?

  • How can you recover more quickly post-rehab or after an injury or operation?




Sam Horton is Trigger Point Pilates™ qualified at Level 1 & Level 2, also Body-Restore, Evolve for the menopause age woman and TP Pilates Desk Workout for the office worker and those that sit for too long in the day! Sam is also a Qualified Fascial Fitness Trainer.

"Trigger point Pilates has been a revelation! It should be prescribed on the NHS! Sam is an incredible teacher, lots of encouragement and laughs. It's a brilliant massage but a great workout too."

Jill Barnes fast approaching 60!

"Hi Sam. I just wanted to tell you that I can't believe how much better I feel since the Trigger Point Pilates class. All my aches & pains in my shoulders & arms have gone. Honestly, it's just as good as a session with the osteopath! I can't wait for the next class !!! Xx" 

Diana Jordon 50 something!

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