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Class Descriptions

The descriptions below will give you an idea of the content of classes on the timetable now! These include Dance Fitness, Lift Lean & Release, 'Stronger Together' Bootcamp, Pilates and Trigger Point Pilates.  If you would like further information then please contact Sam.


Pilates for All 


This is a fun, relaxing, easy-to-follow session designed to tone your abdominal muscles, strengthen your back, enhance your posture, reduce tension, control balance & increase flexibility too. There is a happy mix of standing and floor work exercises for all abilities and levels.


Pilates also improves pelvic floor & core strength, joint mobility & Stress levels! Recommended for everyone from Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, those ready to rehabilitate sports injuries, postnatal mothers etc.


Each Pilates exercise and stretch is taught and demonstrated at a variety of levels to suit both the beginner through to advanced participants using resistance bands or small Pilates resistance balls to strengthen, lengthen and tone tight or weak muscles.


Pilates was originally designed by Joseph Pilates to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. It is perfect if you need to tone up, flatten your abs, become more flexible, improve your posture, minimise sporting injuries and supplement your cardiovascular training.


"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body" - Joseph Pilates


Pilates is a low impact load bearing class that helps to decrease the risks of osteoporosis, improve balance and core strength, increase mobility within your spine and other joints. Pilates is renowned for the celebrities' and athletes' way to look so good and perform so well!


Dance Fitness 


A Zumba dance-based low-impact, high-intensity workout to uplifting music that combines simple dance moves, muscle toning, flexibility and lengthening. Styles of music and dance vary but may include, Latin, Salsa, Disco, Pop, Charleston etc!


This multi-level class is challenging and fun! No previous dance experience is necessary.


What is iMoveFreely®? 


iMoveFreely® treats and prevents injuries and pain using a program of simple exercises that have been designed by a world-leader in intrinsic biomechanics. It's a cutting-edge program that athletes and large corporations have had access to for a few years.

Simple techniques to help: Back Pain, RSI, Posture, Fatigue, to move Move Freely. 

iMoveFreely techniques are incorporated into the Pilates classes as an additional complementary way to improve posture, decrease back pain, improve movement performance etc. When in a group situation everyone learns the same releases and stretches (unless inappropriate for the participant), the appropriate techniques can then be practised at home.

When taught in a one to one situation the exercises are tailored to each person's injuries or ability to move. We work these out by asking you to do some movements, assess these movements and then decide on the best exercises to help you. Injured areas are avoided, and other areas/muscles that may be inhibited/in spasm are treated to create a release in the area that may be affecting the injured/painful area.

You are recommended to do the exercises every day for a few weeks and after this time, if your problem is of a bio-mechanical nature, there will be an improvement in mobility or a reduction in pain. It's that easy!

Visit the official iMoveFreely website here: What is iMoveFreely®?


Trigger Point Pilates™ 


Release tight muscles, enhance functional daily movement and restructure the body. Trigger Point Pilates™ classes combine Pilates core moves and apply clinical Myofascial principles to help alleviate chronic pain conditions


This class attracts everyone from the elite fit to people who are at the post-rehab stage after injury or living with everyday niggles and tension. Suitable for everyone from the sedentary office worker to the long-distance fell runner or a golfer, young Mum or the retired, whether active or feeling less mobile.


Fascia restrictions occur in everyone, whatever their age, activity or level of fitness. Equipment is used to release and re-align the body which you can buy from your instructor to exercise at home. 


For Trigger Point Pilates you will need your own pair of trigger point prickle balls, I have a few available in class for you to use and try before you buy. These are usually available in class.


Equipment is supplied including, softballs, foam rollers, resistance bands and the 'Hog' to aid in body positioning, compression, trigger point release, limb support, or to increase resistance.


This class incorporates elements of Pilates moves, core training and stretches of many types including static stretching both active and passive and dynamic stretching too. Simple stretch reflex and PNF stretching for the hamstrings will really improve their flexibility and in turn improve movement patterns, posture and decrease hip, back and leg pain.   


The class aims to cater to everyone of all abilities and exercise experiences. Mobilise the joints with movement and then stretch to the point of a good stretch, not uncomfortable, no flinching, no shaking and no breath-holding either! 


Come and de-stress, unwind tension and feel longer, leaner and move more freely! 


The fascia lines work as one unit and if one is out of balance it will affect the others, specific stretches and movements are used to activate each body line, including the deep and superficial back lines, the deep and superficial front lines, The deep and back arm lines, the back and front functional lines and the lateral lines. Techniques such as compression, shearing, rebounding, full-body movements and stretches are used to make changes within the fascia.


To continue reading more about TPP classes, visit the subheading link 'Trigger Point Pilates'  under the 'Pilates' link above.


Lift Lean


Lift Lean is an empowering and strength and conditioning class set to timed music designed to fit into the busiest of schedules. A fusion of targeted resistance training, modern fascia and flexibility exercises as well as elements of Pilates, set to uplifting music, including exercises standing and in a variety of positions on an exercise mat.

This class will help to maintain muscle tone and metabolism, strengthen your legs, gluteals, arms, shoulders and core muscles, increase mobility, balance, flexibility, & all-round fitness, whilst helping you to relax and de-stress! Ideally suitable for perimenopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women!

Suitable for all ages including 50+. The class is ideal for beginners, returners to exercise, people coming back from injury, as well as those more used to vigorous exercise. Options for low, mixed or high impact exercises are offered along with modifications and alternatives when required for all exercises.

You’ll finish the class buzzing rather than drained and feel motivated to come back for more!


'Stronger Together' Bootcamp


The Saturday Bootcamp has been very popular and will be back in Spring 2020! See Timetable page nearer the time for actual dates. This is outdoors at Milnthorpe Recreation Ground and we use the new Trim Trail/Green Gym, as well as exercises with levels to suit all abilities. We show how the obstacles can be attempted in easy ways to gradually build up strength, confidence, agility, balance and flexibility!


The feel-good factor is amazing! Children can come along to play whilst you exercise (under your supervision). 

No equipment needed, just outdoor trainers, training gloves if required and water to drink! Check the website for Bootcamp dates. Your children can play in the park, where you can see them, whilst you get your workout!


We provide power bands & skipping ropes etc, you provide a mat if required (outdoors the grass is soft!), water, towel, cycle/training gloves if required (particularly for outdoor training, gripping bars etc) and lots of motivation and determination. If you don't have these one day come along anyway and let the group's energy motivate you!

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