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Welcome to my Clearly CBD affiliate shop below. You will find some great Natural Wellbeing CBD products for everyone here from a small British company with excellent standards.


I have benefited from the use of CBD oil myself since 2018 when I had a brush with cancer and researched potential ways to reduce my risks and then in November 2019, whilst at our annual Fitcamps group trip, I found Clearly CBD and got talking to the company owner, I bought some 1,500 mg oil to try and was really impressed with it. I like the supplement range and the quality of the certified manufacturing process. As a full-time fitness instructor, I don't have much time for recovery between sessions and I often have muscle and joint soreness due to hyper-mobility syndrome and associated arthritis. We are all different and I can make no claims to what you could achieve, however, I take Clearly CBD oil most days and have stopped my use of pain relief medicine and found a way to reduce high-stress levels, anxiety and related IBS. I also have mild psoriasis and find the CBD cream and massage oil very moisturising and effective. There is ample information online now about the benefits of CBD use and plenty of other reputable sellers such as Holland & Barrett and Healthspan to compare with and give you confidence in this supplement.

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