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Clearly CBD Supplements
Ideal for Improving Wellness

Welcome to Clearly CBD. Here you will find some wonderful Natural Wellbeing CBD products for everyone from a small British company with excellent standards. Below are a couple of my favourite products.

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Clearly CBD OIL Drops


Eating a diverse diet of more ‘real’ whole food is the most scientifically backed way to lead a healthier, longer life. Paying attention to our gut health is vital to our well-being in so many ways.


Adding CBD to our daily dose of quality supplements may also help with digestive issues, indirectly through better sleep and reduced symptoms of anxiety and more directly by helping with inflammatory problems. Always please do your own research and take note of dosage and other guidance too.


To learn more about Clearly CBD Oil, the benefits and to buy please visit the link below...


Clearly CBD Massage Oil


Many customers report this product helps to reduce muscle and joint aches or pains on a cellular level, promoting restful sleep.


The blend of essential oils and CBD are designed to boost relaxation and soothe muscles absorbing deep into the skin to work away aches and pains with a luxuriously sweet and woody aroma to drift you into spa-like calmness.


Read more about this lovely oil and buy on the link below...


My personal CBD Experience


I have benefited from the use of CBD oil myself since 2018 when I had surgery for cancer and researched potential ways to reduce my risks and cope at this more anxious time, then in November 2019, whilst at our annual Fitcamps group trip, I was introduced to Clearly CBD by the company owner Chris. I bought some 1,500 mg oil to try and was really impressed with it and then decided to become an affiliate as I love the product range and the certified quality.


As a full-time fitness instructor, I don't have much time for recovery between sessions and I often have more muscle and joint soreness than is usual due to hyper-mobility syndrome and some associated arthritis. I have had times of high stress and related IBS and psoriasis but find a combination of CBD oil, creams and massage oil very moisturising and effective.


We are all different and I can make no claims to what you could achieve, however, I take Clearly CBD oil most days and have rarely needed to use any pain relief medicine for any reason since.

If you have any questions please read the FAQ's and product leaflet links below, you will find lots of further details within the Clearly CBD website and you can contact me if you would like to ask anything else. Sam 

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