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Diamond Pilates

Discover the benefits of Diamond Pilates, a specialised course designed to enhance pelvic health and overall wellbeing. Suitable for both men and women, regardless of age, our six-week program provides targeted exercises and valuable online support to empower you on your journey.

Our Diamond Pilates course focuses solely on addressing pelvic floor dysfunction. It offers a comprehensive approach to strengthening these essential muscles.


Led by experienced instructors, each session targets the three layers of muscle crucial for pelvic floor health, supplemented with weekly homework assignments and informative handouts.

With only 12 participants per course, we recommend early booking to secure your place.

Why you need this specialist course:

  • Prevention is better than cure: Learn preventive measures to maintain optimal pelvic floor health.

  • Address common issues: Have you noticed any changes in your pelvic floor? From leakage during everyday activities to frequent trips to the restroom, our program targets various pelvic floor concerns.

  • We offer tailored support, ideal for individuals managing low-level Prolapse or seeking guidance post-consultation with healthcare professionals.

  • Following on from the course, weekly specialised classes are offered, subject to availability, exclusively to those who have completed the Diamond Pilates course.


Experience the difference with Diamond Pilates and reclaim control over your pelvic health.

For further details and to join a waiting list please contact Sam Horton.

  • Menopause

  • Obesity

  • Weak Abdominals

  • Sedentary job (sitting at a desk for long periods)

  • Men’s Prostate issues

  • Childbirth*

  • Your occupation

  • Pelvic/sacral injury

  • Hysterectomy

  • Problems with breathing

  • Ageing (sorry - that happens to us all..!)

  • Hip replacement*

  • Poor Exercise Technique

  • Strenuous Exercise

  • Gravity (particularly standing for extended periods)

  • Lifting Weights

  • Poor Posture

  • Back Pain

These are all signs that you need to take control of your Pelvic Health and can happen for any number of reasons:

*If you have recently had a baby you must have had your 6 weeks check up (12 weeks after a caesarean) before attending a course.

*After a hip replacement please wait 3 months before joining a course.


The Diamond Pilates Course is split into two phases; for the first 4 weeks you will attend weekly classes with a focus on reconnecting with your pelvic floor and learning specific pelvic floor health Pilates exercises, as a way to help you manage better. After the initial 4 week course, an additional 4 weeks of online support will help you to continue the exercises at home and feel the progressive benefits after the 8 weeks of practice!  


Online support will be offered in a special private and confidential Facebook group, where I will focus on helping you integrate core and pelvic floor exercise into your everyday life. Helping you to remember to practise the exercises and give you full support to help you to create healthy habits.


This second phase is optional but comes highly recommended if you want to continue to build on your foundation. If you are not on Facebook, I can help get set up, or alternatively you can join my private Wix chat group specifically for members of these courses.


Research suggests that back pain and general feelings of dis-ease can be linked to poor pelvic floor dysfunction.


We all have a pelvic floor and problems can happen to anyone at any time.  It is not dependent on being a woman, or whether you have had children or not.


A great majority of people can be helped to regain a strong and functioning pelvic floor with this education and exercises.


  • A thorough health assessment to see if the programme is appropriate for you if it is not right for you currently, I will suggest you are referred to a local pelvic health physiotherapist.

  • Four sessions including specific exercises, posture work, functional movement and learn essential skills to last a lifetime.

  • 4 additional week’s online support and pre and post-course written questionnaires to compare results.

  • Lots of shared stories fun and chatter!

  • Fitness Dynamics Diamond Pilates pelvic floor education handouts.

  • Homework which will typically be 4-5 times a week for approx’ 10-20 minutes.

  • Advice to assist with pelvic floor and core strength.

  • Pelvic Floor Educator for women included in the course fee! Discount on course fee for men.

  • I will give you support between each session via a Facebook group &/or Wix group chat, keeping both you and your group on track to encourage each other and stay accountable.

Course fee £60 (£50 for men) 
Paid by BACS, cash or cheque.


Course Dates:

To be confirmed online on Zoom.

Does this sound like a course you need? 

​Then please contact me to book your place now!

For more details and to book please contact: 
Sam Horton 07886457563

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