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Equipment for classes

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

As a fitness and Pilates trainer I am often asked where you can buy excellent quality fitness and Pilates equipment as you want to make sure that when you choose you get it right regarding size, shape, firmness, materials etc. Below is some information and links to equipment that I have experience with and recommend.

I sometimes have equipment for sale so if you are local to Holme & Milnthorpe, Cumbria area and want to collect from me then please ask me for an update on what I have available.


The original Hogs. This is fabulous for balance, myofascial release, massage and support: Or try this 66fit version:


If you wish to buy long loop bands there are so many suppliers to choose from, however the link below is a good representative. I would start with the thinnest or next resistance up for Pilates exercises as you want to be able to stretch the band a long way and still maintain good posture and form: Or try these fabric bands in a set of three:


Also, for Trigger Point Pilates you will need a long roller, ideally a 10cm wide one as this will fit nicely between your shoulder blades! You can adapt by using tightly rolled up large towels or a blanket but eventually you will want to invest in a roller.


For Fascial Fitness you need a roller, you can use your long thin roller if you already have one for Trigger Point Pilates, or a long wide roller if you have that. If you are shopping specifically for this class and to roll your body then I would go for a 30-45cm long wider roller with some softness, not a rock-hard outer which will be too much for some areas of the body. Here’s a link to the one I use:


Coming to the Masterclasses in the next month or two will be a Pilates body conditioning class working the whole body effectively including the use of fabric resistance bands which can be bought in a set of three with thicknesses for resistance. It is also possible to buy just one of these bands.


Thinner small loop bands, often sold in sets of five, are also available and work in the same way, as they are thinner they may be less comfortable to wear around the thighs or ankles Each of the different band styles have it’s own pros and cons and if you wanted to you could just tie a knot in your existing long band to form a loop around your thighs, sometimes the knot is very hard to untie again though!


Soft/Over/Pilates balls are useful for support and to increase resistance and variety in Pilates classes. Sometimes we use these in class behind the back for support in a seated roll up exercise. They are best used semi deflated, especially if placed behind the neck. Later in the year I will do a Pilates Masterclass utilising the soft ball in all exercises! Here is an example to buy from 66fit on Amazon as used in class.

There are many other suppliers, colours, and prices available. Here’s a set of two with one larger ball; these could be useful especially if you always use a ball or cushion behind your back for roll ups as the other ball can be placed between the knees or held.


A set of two prickle balls is essential for Trigger Point Pilates and ideally not too hard! The recommended balls are inflatable and therefore deflatable too! They are not spiky and won't bruise you, whereas some of the ridiculously hard balls may do!


During any class that includes sitting on the mat you may achieve a much better postural position if you sit up on a block, especially if you are tight around the hips and find it hard to sit cross-legged, you can use a rolled or folded towel or invest in a block. Blocks are also useful to put your head on when laying down face up, or under your forehead when exercising face down. Blocks are also useful to help make any kneeling exercises more comfortable


Traditionally in Pilates we use latex resistance bands which come in different strengths, easier, medium, and hard etc. 1.5m is about the minimum required length for most Pilates and resistance exercises, if you are very tall, you may prefer a 2m length band. For rehab the lightest strength is best and then you can progress to stronger bands:

Latex free bands are also available If you have a latex allergy try these:


If you have any questions about which equipment you need to buy and what you can use instead from that you may already have at home, please contact me to ask. I hope this has been helpful, I'd love to hear your feedback/comments.

You can visit my Sam's Health Boutique Shop Page anytime for more links to fabulous equipment ideas for gifts for yourself, friends and family including equipment and healthy foods/supplements.

I can’t wait to see you in a class soon. Sam x

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