For all NHS staff, as an appreciation of all your hard work, generally and particularly throughout the recent massive pandemic challenges, I am offering you the Gold Membership (unlimited classes and the video library) at 50% off, hopefully this will help you to fit regular exercise into your busy schedule, improve your stress levels, posture, back strength and general feelings of wellbeing!


Welcome to Fitness Dynamics! Various classes suitable for adults of all abilities are currently available online through Zoom and Facebook and I will bring some classes back to the local community in 2021, when possible. The online classes have been fabulous, so convenient for everyone, not just locally but across the country and are even accessed by people when on holiday or living abroad, by popular request the online classes are here to stay for the future! Class bookings can be made through this website or the Fitness Dynamics Free Wix App available here.


Please complete my PARQ-Pre Exercise Readiness Questionnaire before attending your first class, or if you have new changes to your health, or it's been a year or more since you last completed the form. Further details and the online form can be found on the Safety Information page here.

If you'd like to join my fitness & Pilates classes on Zoom with me but you're not sure how to set it up or where to start please read on...

Please go to the top of the page and click login, then register as you are new to the site. It will ask for your name, email address and to choose a password. I'll get a notification once you've done that and I'll send you a link to the FREE APP which is useful for booking and cancelling classes and messaging me on the move, you might be able to share your mobile screen to your tv too! You may prefer to join the classes from your pc or laptop for the bigger screen.


Once you have registered with my site you can book your free trial class from any of the regular timetable classes, available mornings, evenings and weekends (go to packages available and 'buy' for no charge the trial class and when you book your trial class use that to pay).


When you book you will automatically be shown the Zoom link, you can come back to the link in your booking area later, copy the link, or you'll also find the link in a confirmation of booking email that is sent to you (please check your junk email for this). When you click on the link it will automatically take you into the Zoom meeting waiting room and then I will admit you just before the class start time.


I am very happy to talk you through this on the telephone if you need any more help or message me personally, or if you'd like to join my WhatsApp support group please just ask?


After the trial class if you wish to continue you can pay-as-you-go for classes, or buy a pack of 5 or 10 classes for all classes, or you could become a monthly Gold Member for unlimited Zoom classes and access to the video library to do classes whenever you like, for only £40 per month! Please let me know how you get on? I hope to really see you soon, Sam x


Why not also join my online Kitchen Studio Facebook Group for access to FREE short live fitness and Pilates classes!


For any questions please contact Sam on 07886457563.

Within the website, you will find details of all the current classes and courses including Lift Lean Body Conditioning, Dynamic Pilates, Pilates, Trigger Point Pilates, the FREE Kitchen Studio classes, Diamond Pilates for Pelvic Health Courses, Fitness Masterclasses and 'Stronger Together' Spring/Summer Outdoor Bootcamp when available!

Also details of any Charity and Social Events as well as Photos and Client Reviews.

Have a look at the links above for the Timetable and any changes due to school holidays etc, Class Descriptions and Venue Information.


Please like Fitness Dynamics - Sam's Fitness Classes Facebook Page for all the very latest updates, photographs, chat, and motivation! 


I hope to see you in class very soon! Sam x

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