Child's Pose

Pilates, Barre, Dance, Body Conditioning & Fascial Fitness
in the Lake District

Mixed abilities classes available online and in the South Lakes, Cumbria local community.


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For any questions please contact Sam on Call 07886457563


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Latest Updates


Community classes finally started again in July and then had to abruptly stop due to our family having to isolate! We resume again on Monday 26th July!

I will be holidaying whilst visiting my parents from Tuesday 3rd to Saturday 7th August, look out for some popup garden classes from Sunny Kent!

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Class bookings can be made through the website or conveniently on your mobile or tablet


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Health Questionnaire


Please complete the online PARQ+ before attending your first class and also anytime if you have new changes to your health, or it's been a year since you last completed a form

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Online Classes

I go live into Zoom from my 'kitchen studio' and also during the community hall classes, but the camera is directed only at me on my mat, so your privacy is respected!


The online classes have been fabulous, so convenient for everyone, not just locally but across the country and are even accessed by people when on holiday or living abroad. By popular request, the online classes are here to stay for the future.


If you are new to online exercise and have any questions or need some help getting set up, please do not hesitate to ask.


I hope to see you in an online and/or community class very soon! Sam x



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