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The world is waking up to Smart Wellness and we'd love to help you bring these simple habits into your life and business.

Sam has collaborated with Neuroscientist, Sport & Exercise Scientist and Neuron Wellness founder, Dr Julia Jones. With 60 years of experience between them working in the health, fitness & wellness industry they are passionate about showing you how to adopt the Smart Wellness approach to embed the super simple habits into your everyday life and will help your biology keep you well and out of illness.

Smart Wellness focuses on the 6 pillars of total wellness:
Consuming, Breathing, Thinking, Moving, Sleeping & Maintaining

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Smart Wellness Challenge

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Over 8-weeks you'll learn everything you need to know to reduce your risk of illness and help you stay well. Wellness and fitness are not the same thing, this is now crystal clear. The smart wellness approach is proven to easily and naturally keep your body and brain on track.

For an amazing Autumn offer of 50% discount on the RRP,
please use the coupon code:
neuron50 (valid until Oct 24th 2021)

If you have any questions about the challenge please contact Sam and she will be pleased to help you.



'Neuron' explores the science in an easy-read and explains why 5 decades of diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations

It also documents the 12-month experiment neuroscientist & exercise scientist, Dr Julia Jones, ran on her brain and body

She used purely Smart Wellness hacks and habits, without the need for fad diets or exhausting exercise regimes

All her wellness scores supercharged as a result

Buy the audiobook above or get it FREE with the Smart Wellness 8-Week Course

What is the Smart Wellness Challenge?

It's a unique 8-week learning programme based on the Amazon Bestseller book 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy' by Dr Julia Jones, aka Dr Rock.

The Smart Wellness approach consists of:

  1. Knowledge of your basic biology

  2. A suite of simple habits and hacks to keep that biology on track

  3. The latest technology to monitor your biology

It features:

  • Daily short videos presenting new habits and hacks for you to build into your routine

  • A 30-40 min video each week explaining the science that makes the habits so effective at positively benefiting your biology

  • An invitation to Dr Julia Jones' private weekly live Q&A webinar exclusively for challenge participants

  • FREE: The audiobook version of 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy'

  • FREE: The e-book version of 'Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy'

Julia has spent 30 years studying the brain and teaching people how to get in control of it. Her clients include elite sports performers, English Premiership football teams, CEOs and celebrities.

How will I benefit?

  • You'll quickly gain knowledge about the latest proven wellness techniques, habits and hacks

  • You'll learn a lot about how your brain and body biology work

  • You'll understand why five decades of huge diet and fitness trends failed to produce any healthy nations

  • You'll know how to easily stay well and avoid illness throughout life by embedding a simple daily routine of easy habits

  • You'll discover how to use things like timed daylight exposure, music, dimmer switches and timed eating to easily stay well without the need for gyms, high impact exercise, or diets

  • You'll learn the difference between fitness and wellness

  • You'll be armed with a range of simple science-based hacks and habits that you can use to:

    • manage stress​

    • improve focus ability

    • control waistline

    • boost sleep quality

    • build new brain connections

    • maintain muscle tissue

    • quickly influence key brain chemicals

    • control brainwaves

    • boost confidence and motivation

    • have a great life

Private Healthy Habit Coaching WhatsApp Group

Sam is running a complimentary private WhatsApp group for those who purchase the Smart Wellness Challenge and would like to be part of a supportive group to keep you accountable each day. The group will help you to consolidate your learning of the wellness pillars and embed the new simple healthy bio-hacks into your everyday life, helping you to feel more energetic and happy, improve your wellness, health and total wellbeing for the future.

Once you purchase the Smart Wellness Challenge please contact Sam for an invite to the group, or search for Smart Wellness Support on WhatsApp and request to join.


Julia joined TV Host, Steph McGovern, on her Channel 4 lunchtime show to explain how she got the nickname "Dr Rock" and why the Smart Wellness approach is the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to achieve good health and avoid illness.

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Julia joined Phil Williams on his Times Radio show to talk about the art of biohacking and why the fast growing smart wellness and biohacking movement will transform public health. Find out why you should be embracing this approach in your life and business.

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Learn about the latest wearable tech and science-based smart wellness habits in the book Neuron and the Smart Wellness Challenge