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Below are links to a variety of fitness equipment, products, supplements, fitness clothing and smart wellness tech that at the time of searching looked to be some of the best in terms of quality, price, and helpful great reviews. I only recommend products that I have tried and used myself and/or have researched well. When available, I will post special coupon codes below too!
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Health and Wellbeing Supplements

Visit Vivo Life for natural plant-based health supplements that make you feel your best without costing the earth.  No artificial flavours, colours, fillers, binders, animal-derived ingredients, or false promises!


Clearly CBD Health Supplements and luxury skin products for face and body. Click for more details and Sam's story...


Visit Booyah Vitality for Immune Boosting Health Drinks.
100% Raw. Natural. Vegan.
Health in a Glass!
Kombucha, Turmeric Shot & Dandelion Coffee!


Pilates and Fitness Equipment / Accessories

A large PBA free water bottle can help you to stay hydrated all day! I have a 2.2 L bottle and it really helped me create a good habit of drinking more water throughout the day.

Prickle balls are used in Trigger Point Pilates and Fascial Fitness classes, or at any time to massage out your niggly bits! 

The Pilates Soft-Ball is helpful when practising Pilates to support your back and/or pelvis or to aid hip alignment and inner thigh strength. Available in assorted colours or as the popular green Bender Ball.

A foam roller is a great addition to your home fitness equipment, this 90 cm x 10 cm one is perfect for Trigger Point Pilates classes. We begin laying lengthways to help release tension and fascia restrictions down the whole spine!

A pair (or set) of hand weights is an essential item for your home and class exercise kit, strength training has so many benefits for adults of all ages, especially as we age!​

Not strictly equipment but many positions/exercises in Pilates and other mind-body classes require you to have bare feet, if you tend to get cold feet then socks area must, non-slip socks are far safer too!

A long resistance band is useful in Pilates and resistance training classes to support stretches and add resistance. Choose a lighter/thinner band for remedial work and a heavier/thicker one if you are stronger!

Thigh bands are a wonderful way to add resistance to your glutes and thighs. These can be used in Body conditioning classes and Pilates classes. I couldn't resist the animal print set!

Hedgehogs can be used within Hedgehog Pilates classes and in a Pilates class as a prop for sitting, releasing, balancing and support. The Hog and 66fit Abdominal and Back Trigger Point Stretcher are both multi-functional and used for spinal and general stretching exercises, challenging balance and to develop core strength. With pyramid shaped nodules for deep tissue, trigger point massage.

Weighted soft balls can be used during Pilates and other exercises to increase resistance for the core, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and chest muscles. Available in different weights, they offer a more fluid range of motion than using a dumbbell. Filled with iron sand, the shape also helps to promote the development of functional grip strength.

Loop bands are available in the original latex rubber versions as well as a set of new soft fabric loops. These are an essential addition to your home and class exercise kit, strength training has so many benefits for adults of all ages, especially as we age!​ Multi-functional uses from Pilates, Strength training, boot-camps and assisting pull-ups.