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"Improve Your Golf Swing and Prevent Pain with Pilates"

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Improve your golf game and prevent muscular-skeletal pain and injury by incorporating Pilates into your fitness routine. Pilates is a mind-body activity that shares basic principles with golf such as fluid motion, precision, and accuracy. By building up your core and stabilizing the body, Pilates lengthens and strengthens core muscles, improving shoulder, spine, and pelvis alignment. Pilates also improves flexibility, which increases the amount of turn, allowing for faster club head speed and more yardage.

In addition to enhancing flexibility and power, Pilates alleviates back, neck, and joint pain by improving spinal mobility, strength, balance, and coordination. By developing a strong core with flat abdominals and a strong back, Pilates builds longer and leaner muscles without bulk, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. You can learn neutral spinal alignment, improve posture, and strengthen your lower back and core with exercises such as glute bridges, spine twists, and modified planks.

Suitable for all fitness levels, Pilates can be practiced on the go and is long-term maintenance for the body. Many top athletes, including professional football, rugby players, and golfers, as well as amateur golfers have already benefited from Pilates. Improve your golf game and prevent injury by incorporating Pilates into your fitness routine.

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